Born in the 90’s, Masq narrates the millennial tradition of knitting tradition ascribed to its birthplace. Vastly recognised among the finest stores, the Brand brings its creations on the International fashion landscape. Casual elegance and contemporary style takes the right shape in garments where significance overcomes appearance.

Endless and thorough stylistic research are the fundaments of Masq design.
Casual elegance and contemporary style are mixed with balance to create garments of superior quality, updated volumes and highly trendy. The fits, the materials and the obsessive care for details are at the base of Masq creations.
Discover Masq in the finest stores in Italy and abroad. We are present all over Europe, in the USA and in Japan.

The man Masq loves surrounding himself with status symbol, aesthetically appealing and high-quality garments. He meticulously care for every detail and refuses standardisation and anonymity that once characterised the early, naïve period of consumerism.

To build up his style he meticulously cares for every detail. His passions are the love for the latest fashion trends and for a shopping experience full of significance.
Dress the fitted-around-you uniqueness of Masq for a youthful and dynamic look.